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Sudirman - Milik Siapakah Gadis Ini (Live)

I wish i was born earlier to be in his concert! he’s so cute!! and my God! SPM?? 

Terasing - Sudirman gonna cry now…

Merisik Khabar - Sudirman 

gosh he’s goood!!

Sudirman - Salam Terakhir

One of my fave singer back then. Knowing that this was his last song before he passed away just make this song more emotionally hard to not cry. God bless his soul. 

Once upon a time - Breath Of life - The Evil Queen

Once Upon A Time - Shake It Out

Once Upon A Time - Welcome to The New Age: (‘Broken’ Episode)

Once Upon A Time - Sail

Once Upon A Time ‘Music Video’

Jefferson - I need A Doctor 

Multifandom : Say Something

"I’m not used to someone putting me first"

"The loss of Hedwig represented a loss of innocence and security. She has been almost like a cuddly toy to Harry at times. Voldemort killing her marked the end of childhood. I’m sorry… I know that death upset a LOT of people!" - J.K. Rowling

Let me give you some advice, bastard.